Masters Division Champion Jason Klaczynski

Masters Division player Jason Klaczynski has just won the Pokémon TCG World Championships! Jason also won it all in 2006 and 2008, making him the first player in Pokémon TCG Worlds history to reach the top three times. He beat out fellow American Simon Narode in straight games in an intense match that had the audience on the edge of their seats! You're 2006, 2008, and now 2013 World Champion. It's been a while since you held the Championship Trophy. How does it feel to hold it again?

Jason: It's awesome. Pokémon is just a huge part of my life. It's an honor. All my best friends I’ve met through this game. It's my favorite hobby. It's just an honor to be a World Champion in the game I love. What did you do differently this year to get yourself back on top?

Jason: I don't think I did that much different. I definitely played a lot more this year. Also, going into the World Championships, there wasn't a match-up I felt uncomfortable with. Maybe in previous years there would be cards that would catch me off-guard. This year my friends and I played so much Pokémon, there were no surprises. That really helped me this year. You're one of the true veterans out there playing. How much has changed since you began playing competitively?

Jason: Oh, a lot has changed. I first started playing with the Base Set in 1998. Back then there was a limited card pool, so everyone had the same decks. Today we have a lot more creativity with good cards. And the community has grown. People stay in touch and share information. Everything that’s happened has been good.


Masters Division Champion Jason Klaczynski Let's talk about this year's tournament. You played a fairly straightforward Darkrai deck. What made you choose this deck?

Jason: Yeah it's very straightforward. I'd say there are three reasons: First, it's a very consistent deck. There are few hands that don't give you any options at all. Second, it's got a great match-up against Team Plasma decks. Everyone expected them here at Worlds and they did show up. Third, it's a deck I've played so much that I'm just really comfortable with it. In your finals match, it seemed that the decision could go either way. What was going through your mind at the end?

Jason: I knew that to win I needed a Pokémon Catcher and a Hypnotoxic Laser. I knew they were in my deck and there were eight cards in my deck. I couldn't afford to not get them both, so I waited one turn before using Professor Juniper and draw the last seven cards. I was nervous that maybe I'd made a mistake but the last card I drew was what I needed. Have you been enjoying the sights on your trip to Vancouver?

Jason: I probably didn't do as much sightseeing as I perhaps should have. [laughs] I've been in my hotel room playing Pokémon. That's just my tendency—you put Pokémon cards in front of me and I get distracted. But it's beautiful here, the convention center is beautiful, and seeing everybody from around the world again has been great. Everything was done so nicely. What are you going to do to celebrate?

Jason: I'm probably going to play more Pokémon! My friends who play even joke about how I could play all day. Do you feel like you have momentum going into next year at the 2014 World Championships?

Jason: Well... I’m a little lazy in the years I qualify in advance! I'll have to have my friends pressure me into keeping up. Pokémon TCG Online makes it a lot easier to practice and test. I'm hoping to keep up.


Congratulations again, Jason, on your third Pokémon World Championship! Pokémon fans can't wait to watch you and all the 2013 champions next year in Washington D.C. at the 2014 Pokémon World Championships!