Junior Division player Ondrej KujalThe Pokémon TCG Junior Division final matches have concluded and Ondrej Kujal is your new World Champion! He played in an epic battle against Yugo Sato, winning in sudden death. This is Ondrej's second World Championship event after finishing in the top 16 last year in Hawaii.


Pokemon.com: Congratulations, Ondrej! How do you feel after becoming the Pokémon TCG Junior Division World Champion?

Ondrej: I'm really excited. I didn't expect this result!

Pokemon.com: The match went back and forth a lot between you and your opponent. What gave you the victory in the end?

Ondrej: Sometimes this is a game of luck. In the end, it was about taking a chance and getting the right card from the deck.


Pokemon.com: On your last turn, you needed to draw a Darkness Energy and you got it. How did it feel when you saw that card?

Ondrej: I just felt relief. I had been frustrated, and it was very emotional.


Pokemon.com: When during the tournament did you feel like you had a deck that could win the championship?

Ondrej: I think I built my deck well, and it was capable of beating Team Plasma decks. I went 6-1 in Swiss, so I thought I had a chance to win.

Junior Division player Ondrej Kujal

Pokemon.com: Next year you will be in the Senior Division. Do you think you will have to change the way you prepare for the competition?

Ondrej: Yes. I'll have to do more training and studying. I'm sure the competition will be much tougher!


Pokemon.com: Is it exciting to be the first World Champion from the Czech Republic?

Ondrej: It's very interesting to me. Last year at Worlds in Hawaii I finished in the top 16, which was previously the best a Czech player had done.


Pokemon.com: How are you going to celebrate your victory?

Ondrej: I don't know yet. I might try to call my friends at home. I'll have a better idea of how to celebrate tomorrow!


Congratulations again, Ondrej. We will see you next year at the 2014 Pokémon World Championships!