Brothers Martin and Petr Janous are two of the best Pokémon TCG players the Czech Republic has produced. Last year, Martin was Czech National Champion--his third year earning the title. This year, Petr was the Masters Division National Champion--his second title after winning the Senior Division in 2009. We caught up with both of them playing side events in preparation for the 2013 World Championships. Tell us how both of you did in the 2013 Czech National Championships.

Petr: I was the National Champion this year. I played a Blastoise deck with Keldeo and Mewtwo. I had a good match-up against everything. I even took two of three matches against Garbodor decks, which is a bad match-up for Blastoise. 

Martin: I finished in third place. I was the National Champion last year. We didn't have to play each other, but we would have played in the finals if I had won in the Top 4. Did you practice against each other a lot during the year?

Martin: Yes, we played each other at home. We are very secretive about our decks, and we like to prepare secret decks.

Petr: We practiced heavily for about two weeks leading up to the National Championships. We know you're both veterans of Worlds. Martin, you even sat down with us at last year's World Championships. What has changed over the years?

Petr. This is my second World Championships. I last played in 2009 in the Senior Division. I'm a better player now because I have more experience. I'm ready to win Worlds now.

Martin: I've played in five World Championships, but last year I went only 4-3 in Swiss. I had bad luck. But I think I have a good chance. How many players came from the Czech Republic?

Martin: There are six of us who came: two Juniors, one Senior, and three Masters. Have you made big changes to your decks since your National Championships?

Petr: Yeah. We changed them. We don't think people will know what decks we are playing. When we play against people we have about four decks that we play, so no one will know which one we will actually use. After playing in so many World Championships, do you still get nervous?

Martin. I'm more nervous than Petr. I think everyone is nervous at least a little bit. At Worlds the prizes are good, and it's a fight for the title. Do you stay in contact with other players that you've met at previous Worlds?

Martin: We have many friends that we've met here. I chat with them online, but here I get to see them in person. It's very good. It's fun to see all of them in one place! Good luck to both of you tomorrow!