We caught up with the competitors right after their big win to get the scoop on how they felt their matches went and what were their keys to victory.

2012 Masters Division Pokémon TCG World Champion, Igor Costa (Portugal)

Congratulations! How did you qualify for Worlds?

I won at the Portugal National Championships by going 6–0.

What were the key Pokémon and techs in your winning deck?

I was running Terrakion, Mewtwo-EX, and Darkrai-EX. For me, it was really Super Scoop Up. It was really good for pulling back my Mewtwo-EX and Terrakion when I needed it.

Coming into the Finals, did you know if your deck would do well against a Darkrai-EX deck like your competitor used?

Yeah, I knew that my Terrakion would be good against Darkrai-EX, and my Mewtwo-EX would be there to counter my opponent’s Mewtwo-EX.

Any advice for the Pokémon players out there?

Play the deck you like, not the deck everyone else is playing.

How do you feel now that you’ve won the Finals and are a World Champion?

I feel so great.

2012 Senior Division Pokémon TCG World Champion, Chase Moloney (Canada)

You used a Zekrom/Eelektrik deck. What made you decide to use a deck that most players weren’t using?

After my Nationals, I didn’t find that my deck wasn’t consistent enough. I didn’t feel that comfortable with it. I had a lot of experience success with the Eelektrik based decks, so I was just trying to find a way to beat all the Darkrai-EX decks people were playing.

What were your keys to victory this year?

I knew at the Pokémon World Championships there is always a lot of diversity, and from my deck testing, I found everything was about even. I knew no matter who got matched up against me, it would be about the play and not about the deck matchup.

How did you do at the Canada Nationals and what deck did you use?

I got 3rd Place and ran a Darkrai-EX/Tornadus-EX, with only one Mewtwo-EX.

What made you change your strategy for Worlds?

The meta-game shifted after the U.S. Nationals, and there were things I didn’t like about playing with Darkrai-EX. If you are running a bunch of Dark Patches and lose those cards due to someone using an N Supporter card, then it’s better to have a built in effect that you will still have, like Eelektrik’s Dynamotor Ability.

What will you do to celebrate your victory?

I will probably just call all of my friends to let them know.

2012 Junior Division Pokémon TCG World Champion, Shuto Itagaki (Japan)

How were you feeling going up on stage and battling against Ian Robb in the Finals?

It was my first time going on to the stage to battle, so I was very nervous.

And now how are you feeling about being a World Champion?

I am very happy.

How did you qualify for Worlds?

I won 1st at the Japan National Championships.

You were running a Terrakion/Mewtwo-EX deck. Were you nervous going up against a Darkrai-EX /Mewtwo-EX deck in the Finals?

I was worried a little bit, but mostly I was just nervous.

What will you do now to celebrate being World Champion?

I will go out to dinner with my family and have them buy me new video games like Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2.

Congratulations to all of 2012 Pokémon TCG World Champions!