We’ve paired down to the Top 16 Pokémon Trading Card Game players and Top 8 video game players in the world for each Division. And now we’ll see which Pokémon Trainers have what it takes to take it all the way and become Champions.

And as always, Day 3 is where there are so many other great things going on all day long.

Today Pokémon video game players can receive Flying Pikachu to their Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version games. This is a Pokémon that can’t be obtained during normal gameplay, and you can use it to Fly around in your game!

Also, we have some superstar Pokémon VIPs here to sign autographs for their many fans. We have The Pokémon Company President & CEO, Mr. Tsunekazu Ishihara. The Director for GAME FREAK inc., Mr. Junichi Masuda. And the Game Director for GAME FREAK inc., Mr. Shigeki Morimoto!

We also have the Prerelease for the next game-changing Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Black & White—Dragons Exalted! The set features Dragon-type Pokémon that have the Dragon Energy type for the first time ever!

And the Worlds Retail store, League and side-event tournaments will make sure there isn’t a dull moment as we conclude the already amazing 2012 Pokémon World Championships!

Good luck to all of our competitors!