What surprises are in store for Pokémon fans in the Main Event? You’ll just have to be there at 9 A.M. in the Grand Ballroom to see for yourself.

After the ceremony, Worlds starts immediately after the short player meetings so there will be great battles to see all day.

In addition to World Championships play, there are plenty of other things going on around Worlds.

Check out the Movie Theater & Gaming Room in Kona 3 to see Pokémon cartoons and movies, try your hand at coloring and drawing your favorite Pokémon in the Creative Center, or stop in for some friendly games in 24 Hour Gaming in Kona 4 & 5, which you guessed it, is open all day long!

Also today, the retail store opens to all so Pokémon fans can get their hands on the exclusive Pokémon merchandise available only here at Worlds.

Get ready for some intense battles as the Main Event gets underway.

Good luck to all of our competitors, and may the best Trainers become Champions!