We've been keeping an eye on strategy developments in the Pokémon TCG Last Chance Qualifier. So far there haven't been a lot of surprises, but it will be interesting to see what changes the players will make for the World Championships tomorrow.

Virtually every deck is using the powerful Pokémon-EX cards. Darkrai-EX (Black & White—Dark Explorers, 63/108) continues to be a popular card, with players using its Dark Cloak Ability to help move Pokémon on and off their Bench. We wondered how common Mewtwo-EX (Black & White—Next Destinies, 54/99) would be, and the card continues to be a force. And Terrakion (Black & White—Noble Victories, 99/101) has been a staple for many decks, with two powerful attacks and a good weakness matchup against the likes of Darkrai-EX, and the many Lightning-type Pokémon who are weak against Fighting-type Pokémon.

Surprisingly, some of the more intriguing decks at Nationals, such as the Accelgor/Mew deck, have been pretty much absent. Perhaps the people that had success with it at Nationals were relying on the fact that the deck was so new at the time. It may also prove to be a more risky deck, especially with the possibility that some players would be using the potent Scizor Prime (HS-Undaunted, 84/91) as a counter.

We'll definitely be following all the action from Hawaii to see what surprises the World Championship competitors have in store for the weekend.