Emily Kan, Australian Trading Card Game Senior Division National Champion

2012 Pokémon World Championships

Can you tell me how the Australian Nationals went for you?

It went really well. On the first day, I went 4–0 and then I won in the Top Cut.

How long have you been playing the Pokémon TCG?

About 5 years. I started collecting Pokémon trading cards when I was 3 and got my first booster.

What kind of decks did you see at the Australian Nationals?

There were a lot of Zekrom/Eelektrik decks and a couple Darkrai-EX decks.

What’s the strategy of your Nationals deck?

I use Crushing Hammer (Black & White—Emerging Powers, 92/98) to take away my opponent’s Energy, and then I use Sableye (Black & White—Dark Explorers, 62/108) to get all of my Trainer cards back and reuse Crushing Hammer. That way my opponent doesn’t have any Energy. I just do that over and over again with Sableye.

What are you expecting to see tomorrow as far as opponent’s decks?

I think there will be some Darkrai-EX decks, as well as some Zekrom/Eelektrik decks and might be some Terrakiondecks.

Do you have a league that you play at in Australia?

Where we live there isn’t a league, but sometimes we go to Melbourne. We usually just stay at home and I play against my mother and my brother.

Do you ever lose to your brother or mom or do you always win?

My brother is last year’s Senior Division World Champion, so I lose sometimes. (Smiles.)

Tony Cheung, Canadian Video Game Masters Division National Champion

2012 Pokémon World Championships

Can you tell me how the Canadian Nationals went for you?

It was tough. There were a lot of good players. Compared to Regionals, they were a lot tougher and every player was really good.

What kind of teams did you see at Nationals?

There were a couple Rain teams, but they were not really specialized Rain teams. They were teams that could work in Rain, but didn’t rely on it. And there were a lot of Sandstorm teams.

What did you think of the spread of the teams you saw? Did you see a lot of different Pokémon?

There were a lot of similar teams, especially in the last few rounds. For me, nothing was really unexpected—I’m pretty used to seeing all of those Pokémon already.

What are the common Pokémon that you see?

For Rain teams, Politoed, sometimes Ludicolo or Kingdra, and also a lot of Cresselia. For Sandstorm teams, there’s a lot of Tyranitar, usually Garchomp, and sometimes Landorus or Excadrill. I’m actually a little bit surprised that at the Canadian Nationals, I didn’t see any Zapdos or Thundurus, which are pretty strong together.

When did you start playing Pokémon competitively?

The first Regional I went to was the 2009 Regionals in Seattle. I drove down there and got Top 16. That’s when I got more into it.

How long have you been playing?

I started playing when Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl came out in 2006.

What kind of teams are you expecting to see tomorrow?

I would expect a lot of the commonly used, strong Pokémon, but I don’t expect to see any dedicated Rain or Sandstorm teams. Other than that, I’m sure there will be a lot of surprise teams.

Congratulations, National Champions, and good luck!