While we are still seeing many of the same Pokémon today that we saw yesterday, there is a broader field of Pokémon showing up in the 2011 Pokémon VGC World Championships.

An interesting strategy we’re seeing a lot of today (as we did at Nationals) is the combination of Zebstrika and Thundurus. Zebstrika can have the Lightning Rod Ability, which attracts all Electric-type attacks to it instead of its partner, and at the same time boosts its Special Attack. Whenever Thundurus uses its Thunder attack it hits Zebstrika, as well giving it a boost for its own Thunderbolt attack.

Plenty of players are still using the Terrakion and Whimsicott combo that has been effective all season long. Players have Whimsicott use Beat Up on Terrakion, which raises its Attack by four stages due to Terrakion’s Justified Ability. This makes Terrakion’s already high Attack stat even higher for a powerful Rock Slide that hits both of the opponent’s Pokémon.

2011 Pokémon World Championships

Terrakion and Whimsicott step up to bat.

We’re also seeing a lot more Musharna and Reuniclus, both strong Psychic-type Pokémon. They are a good counter to Jellicent and Chandelure particularly when using Psychic-type attacks such as Psychic. Both Pokémon are relatively slow, so Trainers are using Trick Room to make sure these Pokémon attack first.

Also popular today are strong Fighting-type Pokémon like Mienshao, which is one of the fastest Unova Pokémon and the fastest of the competitive Fighting types. Its main attack is its powerful Hi Jump Kick, but it is often brought in to do U-turn to either switch to another Pokémon. This negates the effectiveness of an opponent’s Pokémon’s Focus Sash or lets the Trainer use Fake Out to stop an opponent’s first attack with a turn one flinch.

Other popular Fighting-type Pokémon include Scrafty and Conkeldurr, both slower, but very powerful Pokémon. Scrafty can get faster and even more powerful with its Dragon Dance move, which raises both its Attack and Speed stat. The next turn, it can use Drain Punch or Hi Jump Kick ahead of most other Pokémon, and for major damage. Players have Conkeldurr use Bulk Up, raising its Attack and Defense. With Leftovers, this strong Pokémon is hanging around for a while.

It looks like we have a good array of Pokémon strategies in today’s event. We’ll see which ones come out on top as we pair down to the Top 8!