After a day filled with close battles and amazing strategies, across the Junior, Senior, and Masters Divisions a total of 24 Pokémon video game players will be moving on to tomorrow to compete to be 2011 Pokémon World Champions.

Take a look at who made it the Pokémon Video Game World Championships Top 8:

Junior Division
Ian McLaughlin (US)
Sassan Nowshiravani (US)
George Langford (GB)
Brendan Zheng (US)
Sarah Lakehal (FR)
Fabrizio Sanseverino (IT)
Brian Hough (US)
David Alonzo Gomez (ES)

Senior Division
Sejun Park (KR)
Enosh Shachar (US)
Nicola Gini (IT)
Kamran Jahadi (US)
Jeremiah Fan (US)
Shota Yamamoto (JP)
James Green (GB)
Brandon Mitchell (US)

Masters Division
Wolfe Glick (US)
Ray Rizzo (US)
Matt Coyle (US)
Daniel Nolan (GB)
Albert Bos (ES)
Ruben Puig Lecegui (ES)
Matteo Gini (IT)
Francesco Pardini (IT)

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