The 2011 Pokémon World Championships weekend kicked off today with the video Game Last Chance Qualifier. The single-elimination tournament meant that the action was fast, and every move was important.

The Junior and Senior Division players were the first to compete. Nine players from the Junior Division and ten players from the Senior Division will go on to play tomorrow. They were joined in the afternoon by eight Masters Division players.

Take a look at who has qualified for the Pokémon Video Game World Championships:

Junior Division
George Langford (US)
Gabe O’Malley (US)
Ethan Perez (US)
Alberto Del Rosario (US)
Ian McLaughlin (US)
Sassan Nowshiravani (US)
Michael Salcido (US)
Nicky Krammer (US)
Kota Yamamoto (JPN)

Senior Division
Matthew Dunham (US)
Madeline Chang (US)
Amanda Traylor (US)
Kamran Jahadi (US)
Cedrick Bernier (US)
Keldon Engel (US)
Darren Yu (US)
Ryan Arnold (US)
Jeremiah Fan (US)
Collin Bos (US)

Masters Division
TJ Tolliver (US)
Lane Tower (US)
Alan Schambers (US)
Mike Suleski (US)
Kamaal Harris (US)
Trista Medine (US)
Taylor Jansen (US)
Luke Swenson (US)