The strategies we saw used at this year’s Nationals are still showing up in force, and working well, but popular decks such as MegaZone, Yanmega Prime (HS—Triumphant, 98/103) and Magnezone Prime (HS—Triumphant, 96/103), Reshiram (Black & White, 113/114), and Tyranitar Prime (HS—Unleashed, 88/96), but players are bringing new decks that proves that sometimes newer is better. (Check out a full rundown on the strategies of these three decks from Nationals here.

Pokémon World ChampionshipsOne of the most common new Pokémon we’re seeing in a lot of decks is Zoroark (Black & White, 71/114) which is known as a counter to most strategies and we’re seeing that wisdom playing out in a big way here today.

Zoroark can fit into any deck with its Foul Play attack, which can do any of the opponent’s Active Pokémon’s attacks for the low cost of only 2 Colorless Energy. We’ve seen Zoroark has show up with all of the big hitters, from Yanmega to Donphan to Reshiram.

We’re also seeing Reshiram’s counterpart Zekrom (Black & White, 114/114) finding its way to a lot of decks. Its Bolt Strike attack does a nice 120 damage and can handily take out Yanmega Prime when the moment is right.

The biggest surprise we’vee seen so far is a lot more Water-type Pokémon like Samurott (Black & White, 32/114) and Kingdra Prime (HS—Unleashed, 85/96) and even Lanturn Prime (HS—Unleashed, 86/96). It starts out as a Lightning-type Pokémon, which is very effective against Yanmega Prime, and can become a Water-type Pokémon when it comes up against Reshiram with its Submerge Poké-Power.

Pokémon World ChampionshipsThere’s also a lot of common supporting Pokémon that are providing players another opportunity to replenish their hand like Manaphy (HS—Unleashed, 3/96) or even Pokémon that can move all of their Energy cards at once, like Shaymin (HS—Unleashed, 8/96) with Celebration Wind Poké-Power.

Like we were hoping, we’re seeing a lot of new and exciting strategies shaping up this year. Tomorrow’s Main Event should prove to be very interesting as we see whether the new decks or the tried and true end up on top.