Wow! A father and son meeting up in the Last Chance Qualifier. How did the match go?
Nick: I beat him.
John: Yeah, Nick tends to win. He went 9 and 2 at Nationals.
Nick: But I got bumped at the round of 64 so I’m here.

Nick, are you playing the same deck as you did at Nationals?
Definitely not. There I used a Donphan/Reshiram/Zekrom deck. Now I’ve switched over to a something else that works better.

What kind of deck did you bring, John?
I try to bring rogue decks. I have a Machamp/Vileplume/Donphan deck. I think it matches up well to common decks, but Nick just got out so quick.
Nick: That’s really the key to my deck. Just speed.

Will you make any changes to this deck if you make it to the World Championships tomorrow?
Nick: I won’t change a thing. This deck has been working too well.


2011 Pokémon World Championships

Father and son TCG competitors John and Nick Chimento.

Nick, you can sometimes come across some pretty strange decks at the Last Chance Qualifiers. Have you seen any that really stand out?
Just my dad’s! Everything else has been pretty much expected.

John, what would it have been like to beat your son in a single-elimination tournament? Sounds pretty brutal!
He’d never forgive me! Especially with the kind of season he had. After Nationals he was ranked 39th, with the Top 40 getting Worlds invitations. After the Canadian National Championships were added, he got bumped to 40th. Then a match reporting correction by another player bumped him to 41st and off the invite list!

Wow, that’s tough. But Nick, you’ve been playing for quite a while, haven’t you?
Yeah, I’ve been playing since the game first came out. Several years back I got as far as Top 32 at the Worlds. I can’t remember whether I was in the Junior or Senior Division then. This is my first year playing in the Masters Division.

John, now that you’re out of the tournament, what plans do you have for the rest of the weekend?
I’ll definitely play in some side events, and hopefully I’ll get to watch Nick.

Nick, how do you feel about your game? Do you have a deck that can carry you through?
Well, in this format, I can see who I’m going probably going to play next, and I think I match up well.