What a day in San Diego!

All day long, hopeful competitors filed into the tournament hall with the same goal—to qualify for the Pokémon World Championships.

The video game and Pokémon TCG players held their respective tournaments simultaneously throughout the day, meaning there was non-stop action for the many spectators who came to root on their favorite players.

Nearly 900 Pokémon TCG participants took part in the Last Chance Qualifier, including a record-breaking 619 Masters Division players!

After multiple rounds of high-stakes play, a total of 48 players (16 from each division) secured a spot in tomorrow’s World Championships.

As always, the video game battles drew huge, lively crowds, particularly around the monitors showing the featured matches.

Close to 300 players battled for the final handful of seats in tomorrow’s World Championships, with 27 of them earning their way into the World Championships.

There was plenty of other activity going on around the tournament today, too.

The 24-hour open gaming room has been bustling with folks looking for friendly games or just to hang out. The creative table let Pokémon fans show off their artistic flair. And of course, a lot of tomorrow’s players found time to get out in the warm San Diego sun!

The Pokémon World Championships begin tomorrow morning with late registration at 8 A.M., followed at 9 A.M. with the much anticipated Opening Ceremony.

Be sure to visit Pokemon.com/Worlds all weekend for updates from the event!